My Canadian Pharmacy Team

The founders and chief operating officers of My Canadian Pharmacy are Mike Klein and Mary Crowe. With over 50 years of shared experience in pharmaceuticals, Mike and Mary make a competent, compassionate team providing the personalized service for which our pharmacy is known.

Mike Klein R.Ph

Mike Klein has both the expertise and reputation to earn your trust behind your pharmacy counter. Mike’s experience is vast having worked in retail, hospital, institutional, and long-term care facilities. His varied experiences have given him insight into the healthcare system and trends in pharmaceutical care. Mike received his degree in Pharmacy from the University of Pittsburgh and started his career as a store manager for Treasury Drug, a position he held for eight years. From there, more than fifteen years of his career were dedicated to Lemon Bay Drugs where he was an owner and chief pharmacist. In 2001, Mike founded this pharmacy and is now owner and head pharmacist.

Mike’s unprecedented desire to establish and maintain his patrons’ health has lead him to take over prior authorizations as well as healthcare system navigation to alleviate stress and confusion for those he serves while providing optimum cost savings.

A philanthropist at heart, Mike is an active member of FALA and is currently involved with Virginia B. Andes Clinic and Pharmacy of Charlotte County, formerly the St. Vincent DePaul Pharmacy, where he provides pharmaceutical help to those in need. His passion and compassion are fueled by his family including his wife of almost thirty years and his four children.

Mary Crowe R.Ph & C.Ph

Mary Crowe has had a long-standing special interest in long-term care pharmacy services. With a degree from the University of Pittsburgh and years of experience, Mary joined My Canadian Pharmacy as Pharmacy Manager in 2001.

Her drive to serve the long-term care population is unique and makes her an incredible resource to her patrons. Mary’s ambition to provide the absolute best service and highest quality pharmaceuticals at the most affordable price is the reason so many trust her with the care and consideration of their loved ones’ medications.

Mary is a mother as well as a great friend, enjoying spending time with loves ones, including her dog, Augie. Her love for life, travel, and a good book gives her the balance necessary to maintain her professional superiority and commitments to both FALA and the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists.


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