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At our pharmacy prices are designed to make healthcare affordable and effective.

Here you will find nothing short of gratifying patient/customer service, high-quality items and prompt deliveries. How do we achieve that? We always proceed from learning what our customers need, so we can excel at giving it to them alongside with the complete service. There are no limits to the assortment of medications you can order from us, but the prices are always limited by rigid stabilizing.

Order in a few simple steps

Our interface is completely intuitive and comprehensible, so even if you are a first-timer, you will find your way to the required medications. Smart and crispy design helps you focus on things that truly matter during your shopping routine: the right active substance, the correct dosage and the desirable drug quantity. Go directly to the checkout page or ask us questions related to prescriptions; you can also find answers on our FAQ page and social media account.

Consistent confidentiality

Many men find it difficult to take the first step towards receiving medical treatment for ED and have an open discussion with an urologist. This is where our pharmacists step in and offer help with the initial recommendations. With our help, you will get a clear understanding of your intimate problem and see the direct ways to having it solved with the best pharmaceutical means available today. Here you will find:

You don’t need to tell your real name. Your contacts will never be publically revealed, and your health issues will stay private. You’ll get your prescription discreetly, and you’ll never be embarrassed. However, there’s one thing you need to keep in mind before you decide to contact our pharmacists. You’ll have to be brutally honest with the results of your regular medical checkups. We can’t be responsible for the harm provoked by one of our medications in case if it is not compatible with your existing diagnosis.

Specialization of My Canadian Pharmacy

We mostly deal with erectile dysfunction and sexual health issues of men and women (Levitra, Viagra, and Cialis). We offer meds that will spice up your sex life and get your self-esteem back to normal. Additionally, we sell numerous drugs for your overall health conditions.

Generics Are Essential

We mostly specialize in generic ED treatments. These meds are viral online because of the certain intimacy. No man is willing to discuss his ED condition with a pharmacist face-to-face. A thoughtful on-line conversation with one of the specialists is always more relaxed.

Generic Viagra and Cialis remain steadfast and have the same effectivity as the original brands. It’s the same with other meds offered for sale on our website. My Canadian Pharmacy provides the following generic medication for purchase:

Generics are cheaper. Besides, they are interchangeable with the brands. They have the same effectivity, and they contain the same ingredients. These equivalents are more affordable just because they don’t have official brand names printed on their packages. The only disadvantage of generic meds is that the amount of generics on the pharmaceutical market is smaller in comparison to the brand pills.

We’re Ready to Cut Corners

We have a personal approach to every client, and we know how to save money on regular purchases. It has particular importance in case if you need certain meds as continuous treatment. If you order a full course from My Canadian Pharmacy, you’ll get a chance to get a massive discount in addition to the reasonable prices that we already offer. The more you order, the more coupons you get. Gain up to 30% discount if you spend about $400 at once. Simply contact us via email and ask for the coupon code.

We also mark down the prices if you’re in a hard financial position. Every potential customer viewing this page is in search of sensible medical treatment solutions due to various motives. My Canadian Pharmacy will help you cut corners and save as much as it is possible. We don’t try to do business on your health.

Brand manufacturers do their best to make you believe their products are unique. We help you find more sensible solutions a lot cheaper. Yes, we’re willing to develop our business to earn money for our families. Nevertheless, we do our best to make you healthy. We’re trying to gain and preserve reputation first.

We Keep Track of the Refills

In case if you’re signed to the personal healthcare management services, you’ll be able to have regular notifications about the refills and additional therapy measures included in your course of treatment. It’s handy if the med you use is sold out too fast because of the increasing demand. Commonly used medications will be held off for your regular automatic refill. Faithful customers will get regular discounts.

We’re Ready to Refund

As soon as you get your product, you have 14 working days to make sure that you’re satisfied with our service. We refund up to 100% in case if there’s something we’ve done wrong. We’re open for communication, and we’re ready to do everything to continue collaborating with you. Some of our regulations establish restrictions on the return of certain medications. Our online advisor will help you with the info on the products with limited refund possibilities.

Privacy Is Our Policy

Anonymity. Confidentiality. Discreetness. We know how to protect your data, and our fundamental values are:

We provide special benefits for registered users

We reward the loyalty of our customers and provide to an innovative programs that offer tailor-made initiatives that allows you to seize the best opportunities: these bonuses and discount systems are reserved for members of the site. Becoming a registered subscriber and receiving the newsletter comes charged with the following benefits:

Our store is the only online pharmacy that offers over 95% of products in stock. This means that the items you purchase will now be delivered to your door within 24/48 hours (excluding Saturdays and holidays).

We offer standout shopping experience

Your order will ship the next working day thanks to the prompt and well-coordinated work of our dispatching service. You can choose a trackable delivery to keep abreast of what is happening to your package, or you can contact our Customer Support to learn about the estimated delivery date. You can also choose to insure your order against eventual damages or failure to deliver; note that shipping insurance is enclosed for free for orders above $150. My Canadian Pharmacy ships confidentially.

We respect your privacy. All the data you provide to us during the purchase will be used exclusively to ensure that the order proceeds in the best way. Your e-mail address will not be given to third parties for advertising purposes.

Our drugstore is the only pharmacy that allows you to make an online purchase in just a few moments. You are not obliged to register on the site, you only need a few minutes to complete the order. Your security is guaranteed, even when you use a credit card online. But if this is not enough you can pay on delivery.

Some shoppers find the price-point can be a barrier; you will be happy to know that all products on our website are discounted from 10% to 80% compared to your local pharmacy. With us, you have a safe buy guarantee, all products are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Along with each purchase, you will always find a regular receipt.

At our online pharmacy you will find thousands of high quality items divided into categories that make your search easier. We update the products daily, and if you are not subscribed to our newsletter updating you on new products, do come by to check out the newly added items!

Bottom Line

Health is the greatest gift we can give you. We’ll appreciate your sincerity and give you the most suitable medication solutions. You will never be pleased with wealth if your health is weak. Stay strong, be persistent, and value your physical and spiritual health. Stand up to stigma and talk out about things that bother you. Our pharmacists can support you.

Put Your Trust In A Long-Term Care Pharmacy Committed To Quality, Service And Patient Care

At My Canadian Pharmacy your satisfaction is our business. We are a long-term care pharmacy in Florida, and our services make running your long-term care facility easier than ever before, so that you can focus more on what is really important—providing top-quality care to your patients.

We offer several services for Assisted Living Facilities, Skilled Facilities, Group Homes and Intermediate care facilities including:

  • Assurance of state and federal compliance to guidelines
  • Packaging systems tailored to specific long-term facility concerns
  • Guaranteed quality, purity, and standard compliance, facilitated by our Education Department
  • Onsite consultations and inspections by our registered pharmacists and nurses as required
  • Customized, personal service to help you secure the needs of each resident and his or her family

If you are looking for a long-term care pharmacy in Florida, we are your answer. We are located in Punta Gorda, Florida and serve Southwest Florida from Fort Myers to Sarasota. Contact us now to see what we can do for you.


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