Comparative Analysis of Generic Stendra (Avana) and its Effectiveness in Application

Wide-ranging summary discusses positive effects and application of Stendra in treatment of Erectile Dysfunction in male patients and carries out a comparative study of advantages vs disadvantages, which ultimately contribute to optimum health conditions of men.

Cases When Stendra is Prescribed

Stendra represents a prescription drug applied for curing Erectile Dysfunction among male patients of various age. Stendra originates from phosphodiesterase (PDE) inhibitors group of medications. This kind of meds functions via causing an increase of blood flow towards the penis, once there is a sexual stimulation. The blood flow increase results in a firm erection, which can allow a subsequent sexual intercourse.

Recommended Dosage

Stendra is to be taken in exact accordance with prescription from healthcare practitioner. Patient is required to strictly abide by all the instructions specified in the prescription label.

The recommended dosage by the doctor may depend on the following factors:

  • other medical conditions that patient has;
  • other medications that are currently taken;
  • the way patient responds to the treatment with the medication.

The dosage of Stendra (aka Avanafil) varies from 50 mg to 200 mg. Majority of patients are advised to start with 100 mg, which are to be administered roughly 30 minutes prior to expected sexual activity, whenever there is a requirement for the drug. All patients are advised to take the lowest generic Stendra dose that results in positive effects. Healthcare specialist generally will decide on the lowest Stendra dose that is sufficient for you. However, within the treatment cycle the healthcare speciality may alter the dosage whenever necessary depending on tolerability and efficacy.

Stendra comes in a form of tablets that should be administered generally 1 time per day, whenever required, roughly 30 minutes prior to anticipated sexual intercourse. Stendra demonstrates efficiency and positive results both, with and without meal. Certain men have reported attaining erection within roughly 15 minutes after taking generic Stendra, and hereby, this drug may also be advised for administration 15 minutes prior to planned sexual intercourse. Never exceed the recommended dosage of 1 tablet per day.

If you take too much Stendra, call your healthcare provider or local Poison Control Center, or seek emergency medical attention right away.

Crucial Precautions and List of Side Effects

Same as in case of any other medications, generic Stendra has its own list of serious side effects that have been reported based on application among various patients, and includes:

  • Erection that remains for many hours (aka priapism). Hence, if you experience an erection lasting more than 4 hours, do not hesitate to seek for medical assistance.
  • Abrupt loss of vision in one/both eyes. Certain patients suffer an abrupt partial or complete loss of vision after taking drugs similar to generic Stendra. Few reported cases included permanent vision loss. However, there is no clear evidence confirming that the vision loss has resulted from this drug. Anyway, it is highly advisable to immediately stop Stendra treatment and call for medical assistance if abrupt vision loss takes place in one or both eyes, because that may be a sign of a sever eye-related condition called “non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy” (NAION). Patients having a “crowded” optic disc have an increased NAION risk.
  • Abrupt hearing worsening or loss. Administration of drugs, similar to generic Stendra, have been linked to abrupt worsening or complete hearing loss. Get in touch with your healthcare specialist without any delay if an abrupt worsening or loss of hearing is observed. Certain patients may also experience ringing sounds in their ears (tinnitus) as well as dizziness.

Likewise, it is very important to discuss with your healthcare professional the interaction of generic Stendra with various alcoholic beverages within treatment cycle. Any excessive amount of alcohol (exceeding 3 glasses of wine or 3 whiskey shots) during Stendra treatment can lead to specific side effects, like headache, dizziness, increased heartbeat, and reduced blood pressure.

Abstain from taking generic Stendra in the following cases:

  • allergies to generic Stendra or any of ingredients in its content;
  • when nitrates (including nitroglycerin) are taken in any available forms (i.e. sprays, tablets, pastes, ointments, or patches). Nitrates are also included in other drugs, like isosorbide mononitrate as well as isosorbide dinitrate;
  • when street drugs called “poppers” (since they contain nitrates as well), like butyl nitrate and amyl nitrate are taken.

Besides that, there are also side effects associated with generic Stendra that are observed commonly:

  • flushing;
  • headache;
  • sore throat;
  • runny or stuffy nose;
  • back pain.

The list above does not represent a complete side effects set of generic Stendra. Consult with your healthcare practitioner to obtain a more detailed information. Inform your doctor right away, if any of abovementioned side effects is observed during the treatment period.

The FDA generally classifies drugs depending on safety for use by pregnant patients. Hereby, it is very important that you inform your healthcare specialist if you are pregnant or have plans of getting pregnant soon. Generally, there are 5 categories – A, B, C, D, and X, which are utilized for classification of the probable risks that can be caused to an unborn baby if a drug is administered during the period of pregnancy. Stendra belongs to category C, hence it is contraindicated for all women. There are no satisfactory and properly controlled studies of Stendra and its generics application among pregnant women.

Prior to taking Stendra, patient is required to inform his healthcare practitioner regarding any medical conditions he/she has, such as:

  • allergies to Stendra or any ingredients from Stendra contents;
  • currently suffering from or have previously had heart related issues, like abnormal heartbeat, heart attack, angina, heart failure etc.;
  • have undergone a heart surgery during the past 6 months;
  • have suffered a stroke;
  • reduced blood pressure, or high blood pressure that cannot be controlled;
  • deformed shape of penis;
  • non-stop erection exceeding 4 hours of duration;
  • current or previous stomach ulcers;
  • liver-related issues;
  • kidney issues or kidney dialysis.

These health conditions may affect the efficacy of the entire treatment or else result in unwanted health problems, which should be avoided at all times. Regular consultations with your doctor during the whole period of treatment with Stendra will him to remain up-to-date regarding your wellbeing and take certain corrective measures whenever necessary.

Generic Stendra has proven its efficacy in treating ED among majority of male patients without causing any serious side effects, provided that there is an appropriate prior medical examination and a thorough monitoring of health conditions throughout the entire treatment period.

Disclaimer: This webpage summarizes information associated with medicines and corresponding pharmacokinetic as well as pharmacodynamic characteristics, regulations governing safe application, directives for administration, recommended dosage, diseases that can be cured by them, schedules of generic posology and other important information. The entire information available is in a full accordance with general guidelines, which are available via various sources, such as leaflet from manufacturer of medical products, and are provided entirely for familiarization purposes. The main advice to patients is to take the available materials with key idea in mind that those are direct instructions to be followed without any preceding approval from healthcare provider. Consultation by an experienced expert is still necessary and requires complete abidance at all times. The brand names, as well as names of produced products and producing companies remain under copyright of their corresponding owners.


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