The Purposes of Branding Strategy

Increasing customer loyalty-ensuring, the company’s products differ from the goods of its competitors and gain a leading position in the market. Brand is our reputation. Brand is what people think of you. Brand is what we give to a buyer.

My Canadian Pharmacy trade mark:

  • external attributes (light structures: signboard, light box, information stand);
  • advertising and information companies (television, media, outdoor advertising and etc.);
  • convenient software;
  • accompanying elements.

At present, we are taking the first steps to create a system of its own internal inspectorate. One of such steps was the expansion of the powers which in the field directly control the activities of the pharmacy chains. The brand is a reputation bringing value. Online pharmacy network remains legally and economically independent preserving its own name, history, reputation; all the participants of the pharmaceutical market are provided with high-quality services. It is important that our online pharmacy contributes to the object in improving financial and economic indicators.

To date, we has a single symbolism. At the same time, our experts set a task not to reduce activities aimed at improving social events which also contribute to a positive reputation. But the future development of the pharmaceutical market is to invest in your own reputation. A positive reputation that will affect the commercial performance of any organization, and the pharmacy in particular, is associated with active social activities. To date, pharmacy chains are the unconditional locomotive of the entire pharmaceutical market and the retail pharmaceutical market in particular.

The active aggressive offensive position of our pharmacy chains, unfortunately, is some kind of commercialization of the entire pharmacy business. Using the most advanced mechanisms associated with increasing sales, sometimes, unfortunately, runs counter to the social orientation of the pharmacy as a healthcare institution. The main task of our company now is to find a certain golden mean. My Canadian Pharmacy brand’s development lies in the activity of a non-profit, socially-oriented organization and actually turns into a commercial brand that promotes an increase in the profits of all project participants.


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